Corporate Training


Corporate Training

We have extensive corporate training services; that improves the technical skills of the learner which helpful in delivering the high career growth and more productivity in results. Our focus is on skill building services, certification of professional skills and standardized quality content development and delivery. Qshore wishes to work more closely with various organizations, corporate, an industry which leads to the sustainable organizational productivity improvement. For any kind of training needs, one can contact on Qshore, customer care.

  • Provides Interactive and enhanced learning environment.
  • Gain valuable insights and improved decision-making environment.
  • High levels of engagement which translates into better learning outcomes.
  • Interactive online training that keeps motivated and engaged.
  • Highly educational aids that make the learning environment more effective.

We have over 100 industry expert professionals in all technologies. Apart from the corporate training, we also conduct student development program and various other industrial training programs for the students of all colleges and universities. The syllabus of every technology is revised regularly and latest contents are added to provide best training tools.

Various Training Modules

  • Core & Advance Java

Oshore is the best java training institutes in Hyderabad. Our java programming tools and tutorials will help you to learn the advanced object-oriented in Java from polymorphism to inheritance.

  • Python

Learn python in most simple and easy steps through our highly experienced trainers. we have collective library stubs for python.

  • Angular JS

Our tutorials are specially designed so one can easily learn Angular JS quickly with easy steps from basic to advanced concepts with examples.

  • Hadoop

You will get the best training in Hadoop and learn about the most popular components, challenges, and benefits.


  • DevOps

We provide DevOps training that includes courses on Google cloud Platform and with our best IT teams, one can achieve high skills on this platform.