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Data Science Training

    Qshore have the expert certified faculty of analytics, data science, big data experts and courses are all created and curated by them.

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Date Course Location Mode Time Trainer Duration Register
15-12-2018 AWS Training Kondapur Weekend 10:00AM Mr.srikanth 45 Hours Enroll
18-12-2018 Data Science Training Online Online 8:00 PM Mr.Advaith 90 Hours Enroll
18-12-2018 Selenium Online Training Online Online 8:00 PM Mr.kishore 50 Hours Enroll
13-12-2018 DevOps Training Gachibowli Regular 09:30AM Mr.Narendra 45 Hours Enroll
13-12-2018 Python Training Gachibowli Regular 10:00AM Mr.Srinivas 45 Hours Enroll
13-12-2018 Angularjs Training Gachibowli Regular 09:30AM Mr. Mahesh 45 Hours Enroll
12-12-2018 Tableau Training Kondapur Weekend 8:00AM Mr.Ajay 45 Hours Enroll
12-12-2018 RPA Training Kondapur Weekend 9:00AM Mr.Rohit 45 Hours Enroll
12-12-2018 AWS Training Kondapur Weekend 6:00PM Mr.srikanth 45 Hours Enroll
04-12-2018 DevOps Training Gachibowli Regular 9:30 AM Mr.Narendra 45 Hours Enroll
04-12-2018 AWS Training Gachibowli Regular 8:30 AM Mr.srikanth 45 Hours Enroll
06-12-2018 Selenium Training Gachibowli Regular 8 AM Mr.kishore 45 Hours Enroll
29-12-2018 Java Training Gachibowli Regular 9 AM Mrs. Harika 45 Hours Enroll
12-12-2018 Python Training Gachibowli Regular 9 AM Mr.Srinivas 45 Hours Enroll
04-12-2018 Azure Training Gachibowli Regular 9:30 AM Mr.Raj Kumar 35 Hours Enroll
01-12-2018 DevOps Training Kondapur Weekend 9 AM Mr.Mahendra Narayana 45 Hours Enroll
01-12-2018 AWS Training Kondapur Weekend 10 AM Mr.srikanth 45 Hours Enroll
29-11-2018 Data Science Training Kondapur Regular 10:30 AM Mr.Advaith 90 Hours Enroll
27-11-2018 Salesforce Training Gachibowli Regular 08:00AM Mr.Uday 55 Hours Enroll